Rock Face Men’s Body & Skincare Range: A Mans Perspective – Male Grooming Guest Post

About a month ago, Vicky presented me with a big bundle of shower gels and things.  I know she’s always blogging about one product or another for girls, so I kind of understood, especially when the camera came out.  After making sure she wouldn’t be posting any pictures of me in the shower I agreed to give them a try.
My first impressions were good.  I could see they were products for blokes, and none of them were too unusual.  I’m a typical man who doesn’t really use alot of different things in the bathroom, but shower gels, body sprays and shaving products I can handle.
Altogether I had:
Rock Face All Weather Moisturiser
Rock Face Antiperspirant
Rock Face Face and Body Scrub
Rock Face Post Shave Balm
Rock Face Shave Butter
Rock Face Active Body Spray
Rock Face Shave Gel
Rock Face Shower Wash
All the products had the same sort of smell, which was good as I could shower then use the sprays with the same fragrance.  Both smelled fresh and clean and not to heavy.  For shaving, I tried using the shave gel and the post shave balm first.  The results were great, and gave me a smooth shave.  The shave butter was good to.  I think it’s meant to be the two steps in one as it has a creamy consistency, and you use it instead of shave gel.  It them continues to moisturise afterwards.
The face and body scrub and moisturiser are not things I’ve used before, but they were good too.  The scrub wasn’t to harsh on face or body, and didn’t have scratchy bits in it.  The moisturiser was good to use after the scrub, and made my skin feel fresher and not so tight.  I’d be happy to use all of these products again.
Written by Jason Kuhn – all views are my own

So that was a review from my gorgeous fiancee.  I think he could get used to this, so I hope to bring you more male beauty products in the future.

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  1. Can't wait to try it as soon as possible! Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "Skin care product" at hand. I was seeking forward to know about this entry. Thanks!

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