Quick easy and cheap home teeth whitening

That’s what we all want isn’t it?  A nice white smile without to much cost or bother.  I have to say that although I’ve never paid to have my teeth professionally whitened, I have purchased the gum guards and peroxide gel to try and whiten my teeth.  The basics of this method is that you mold the gum trays to your teeth using hot water, and then you fill the trays with the teeth whitening gel and wear for however long the instructions tell you to.  It does work, if you stick with it over a period of time and do it regularly, but it is a faff, and it does cost more than the method I’m about to tell you all about.

If you are a regular in Holland and Barratt, or some other health food store (as I most certainly am) you will probably already have the one necessary tool in your home.  Activated charcoal capsules.  Don’t ask me how or why it works, as I really don’t know, but I would not give you advice without having first tried the method out myself.  Charcoal is safe to ingest, and is sold in capsules for just that purpose, so please don’t fret about the method I am just about to suggest, however frightening it may look.


You can see here the three steps of this method.

1.  Take some clean teeth

2. Rub on half a capsule of charcoal and leave for five minutes

3.  Rinse out mouth and brush teeth

Though you may only see minimal difference in these pics, and have probably been a little scared by the middle one, I can assure you the results were really noticeable.  The method was also quick, easy and cheap.

If you try this, and I hope you do, remember that charcoal is perfectly safe to ingest and so you don’t need to worry about swallowing any of it while you are treating your teeth.  I myself will be trying this again, and documenting the results, which I’m sure you will see if you follow me on social media.  If not, the links are in the right sidebar.

Have you tried other methods to whiten your teeth?

Is this something you think you would try?


5 thoughts on “Quick easy and cheap home teeth whitening

    1. I know right? I read about it and thought I give it a go – I didn't expect such great results. Will be trying it again soon to see if it continues to work past the first usage 🙂

  1. I'd definitely give it a go Charlie – it's so quick and easy, and much cheaper than whitening kits or whitening toothpaste – even if it looks gross 😉

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