Product review: the first and the original Revolution by piCture pOlish – glitter base has arrived

When I first heard about this product just before Christmas, I was so excited and just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some.  Jane over at British Beauty Blogger made a video of 2014 trend on Youtube which was excellent (check it out on the Youtube link through her blog).  One of her predictions, which was swiftly followed by a blog post about the brand new product, was for a nail polish base specially made for glitter polish – and here it is!
Bought from Sally Magpies (who’s shop I have recently reviewed), this product is currently out of stock, and it is easy to see why.  It is an Australian product from piCture pOlish, whose gorgeous nail varnish I covet in earnest.  As far as I know, Sally Magpies is the only place in the UK currently selling this product, though you can buy from Oz with a minimum order and shipping.
We all know the huge downside of sporting glittery gorgeousness is having to take it off when you’re ready for a new mani.  You end up with emery board everywhere, cotton wool stuck to your nails, and most irritatingly your actual glitter polish still stuck to your nails.  Alot of us girls have just given up because of the faff.  Enter revolution.
Here is my ‘tester mani’, featured yesterday in my #NOTD post.  The purple and pink MUA shades have a fine glitter in.  I wasn’t going to throw all my eggs in one basket and go for the chunky glitter manis that I showcased over Christmas, and practically had to remove with a sand blaster.  Oh no!  My teeny lack of faith was however misguided, and the polish came off like a dream.  If you apply two coats of the revolution base coat before your polish, it casts some sort of glitter fairy magic which allows the polish applied over the top to slide off with a brief (and I mean brief, like 5-10 seconds) hold of a pad soaked in nail polish removed over the nail, and then the usual gentle back and forth movements that you’d usually employ to remove your polish, and voila!  All gone!
I am yet to test this with chunkier glitter, but I feel sure it will be just as easy.  If not, I will certainly report back.  The manufacturers, piCture pOlish recommend then you use this with their range of nail varnish (which is actually gorgeous if you haven’t checked it out), but I found it worked great with the MUA nail polish I used.  The best thing is, this is a ‘proper’ base coat, no PVA peel off stuff, my mani lasted well with this underneath.  At £10 a bottle it’s not cheap, and it’s quite hard to get, but if you’re a fan of glitter polish, I guarantee it’s a purchase you won’t regret.  Vive le revolution!

11 thoughts on “Product review: the first and the original Revolution by piCture pOlish – glitter base has arrived

  1. Just FYI – when this first arrived several of us tried it and it seemed to work fantastically for some (you must be one of those) and really not well or not at all for others. For me it only works if I put 2 coats normal base (I use essie fill the gap) then two coats of revolution then polish. I've not really bothered with it much as the faff of all that isn't really any less effort than soaking my glittered nails in polish remover tubs. HanSpan

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