Product review: Schwartzkopf Live Colour Shake It Up Foam Colour 499 Violet Berry Burst

I was in two minds whether or not to review this product, largely because I bought it around a year ago and I was not sure if it was still available (it is).  I coloured my hair in the Live Colour XXL Cyber Purple V46 for quite some time, till I eventually went blonde.  I chop and change alot as I get bored quickly.  Unlike alot of my peers, who I am sure are very adept at colouring their own hair, I am very clunky and messy when it comes to things like that, so I decided to go for the foam colour.  I then went to blonde before I had a chance to use it.  Now I’m back to dark (brownish), and had a bit of a grey root problem, I thought I’d whack some colour on it.  Keeping up so far?  Good, that’s the complicated bit out of the way.

I went for the aforementioned colour because they didn’t have my usual cyber purple (available here) in the foam variety, and I wanted to try it out.  Here’s how I got on.

 I put the contents of the sachet and the bottle into the tub, and popped on the lid.

I got J to shake it for me 40 times up and down.

I was left with a pinky foam, which I applied first at the roots, and then through the rest of the hair, making sure it was even.
I left on for 30 minutes
*Important – please follow the instructions inside the product to the letter – this is only a guideline to accompany the review*
I rinsed off till the water ran clear, and applied the conditioner supplied which I left on for 2 minutes.  All pretty standard if you’re used to home hair dye.

This is the colour on straightened hair, which shows up alot better than on curly.  I really love if, and my grey hairs are history!
All in all a found it very easy to use, more so than one you apply with a nozzle from a squeezy bottle.  It smelled nice, and was easy to handle.  It wasn’t completely non-drip, but the runs round the hairline were very easy to wipe off.  I always recommend putting petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the hairline when dying hair at home, as it prevents the colour bleeding.  Don’t forget your ears either, as colour likes to hide there too.
This foam product (as opposed to the usual delivery system) is pretty widely available, and varys in price depending on which shade you require.  It was not available in Superdrug or Boots, so perhaps it didn’t sell well on release, I’m not sure.
I would use this again, as it was really quite simple, if a little gimmicky.  Looking at the current prices of my shade online however, I will probably be going with the regular live colour next time.
If you have any questions or comments please post below.  I love to hear from you and read all comment, and always try to reply in a timely fashion

24 thoughts on “Product review: Schwartzkopf Live Colour Shake It Up Foam Colour 499 Violet Berry Burst

    1. Thank you. It's more of a cost thing tbh – if I had the money I'd have it done profesionally. I have a superb hairdresser who's very reasonable – but it's such a faff – and is why I went back to dark from blonde – although everyone tells me I suit dark better.

  1. I used one of these in red last year and I found it faded like no tomorrow. It was awful how quickly it dulled. That colour really suits you though. Lovely blog you have here, I'm enjoying the mixture of different posts xx

  2. Thank you. Yes, they can lose their viberency pretty quickly when it's a more vivid colour. I have to colour every 4-6 weeks for greys anyway, but I believe there are some really great products to maintain coloured hair out there 🙂

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