Product review: Nivea in shower body lotion for dry skin

Like alot of women, I like to take care of myself as far as possible, but if there’s a chance to cut corners and save time I will.  If I can condense my beauty routine by a step or two, and skill get great results, I’m a very happy bunny.  I was both confused and excited when I heard about the Nivea in shower moisturiser.  I loved the idea of being able to slap lotion on my body in a fairly slap dash manner, and simply rinse off.  No sticky skin that needs to dry before you try and wrestle your clothes on.  At the same time, I thought the idea was a bit odd.  What good was a moisturiser going to to if you were in effect rinsing it off after application?  This somewhat diluted my haste to get my hands on the product.  Then I had a thought.  I have very dry skin, and when it is especially dry and itchy, I take a break from my regular shower products, and switch to using aqueous cream for a couple of days.  It works really well as an emollient, and you can use it as a body wash in the shower or bath, as well as using it topically.  This, and the product currently having 1/3 off at Superdrug, convinced me to try it.

After cleansing with a gentle shower gel, I thoroughly slapped this all over my body.  As liberal as I was, I think I only used about twice the quantity I use for hair conditioner; a couple of slack palmfuls. It was easy to apply and smelled nice.  It was also easy to rinse off.

Once I had patted myself dry, and changed for bed, I got my partner to feel my skin and asked him if he thought it felt softer.  He agreed that yes it did.  I thought it had, but I wanted an unbiased opinion, as I wanted to much to like this product.  My skin was beautifully soft, and still feels nice today, even after only one use.  I shall continue to use for the rest of the week, and report back.  So far I am very impressed, and loving the idea of falling into bed 15 mins earlier as I wouldn’t have to delicately rub a topical moisturiser into my extremities.

You can also get it for Normal skin, and this is in a white bottle.

If you have tried this, please let me know what you thought.  If you haven’t, is this something you think you would try?

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