Product review: Maybelline Master Kajal Khol liner – Lapis Blue and Oriental Gold

I’ve been on what might be termed an ‘eyeliner binge’ of late.  I just can’t get enough of them, and the different looks they can create.  What can I say, I’m sure there are worse addictions than eye makeup, but this is bordering on obsession.

I love Maybelline as a brand, so when I saw that they a) had a new product and b) it was for your eyes, I got very excited and brandished my credit card at the poor sales assistant before you could say ‘would you like mascara with that’? (Answer – of course!)

Master Kajal from Maybelline comes in a chunky crayon style cylinder.  The very large tip is ‘self sharpening’, which means in real terms that, much like a real crayon, it should always be in a point of sorts after use.  In practise, I have already found that this is not really the case.  The product itself is quite crumbly, and comes off in small chunks on application; not a good thing for a product you use on your eyes.  With the second I tried, the tip actually broke off completely (about 2-3mm of it) on the second line I drew.

Oriental Gold

The gold was the first Master Kajal that I tried, as I wanted to use it for a look.  The underneath swatch is one line of the colour, and you can see small chunks of the product in it.  The upper line is 3 applications of the product over the same area, and you can see it is much bolder.  I found I really had to layer this up for the colour I wanted.

I have applied the product to the lower lashline in this photo, and it is a very subtle look.

Lapis blue

This colour is much bolder that the gold.  Again I have pictured the product with one application on the bottom, and three on the top line.  It is much thicker because this is the one that broke, and I wasn’t using excess pressure.  I was pretty glad I was doing swatches on my hand rather than making up my eyes, especially as I wanted this product for the waterline.

Would I buy this again?  No, I don’t think so.  I was very underwhelmed and unimpressed.  I have had much better results from products which seem to promise much less.  In my opinion the name ‘Master Kajal’ speaks of a product which will be more on the professional level, and this is not.  I will use them again now I have them, but perhaps find different ways to use them than those I had in mind.  Buy hey, as with most products, what’s not for me might end up as someone else’s must have. 

The gold on both eyes

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  1. Now days my go-to eyeliner is usually a black liquid liner, in fact my all time favourite liquid liner is the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner.

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