Product review: Elvive shampoo Anti Dandruff Intense – For Men

If you caught my blog post yesterday about gender equality in the beauty industry, you won’t be surprised to see this product here today.  Although clearly designed and marketed for men, Elvive anti-dandruff shampoo was my first choice when I recently shopped for a new shampoo.  The reason?  Quite simply, the cost.  This product was (and still is) on offer at half price – £1.99 for 400ml at Tesco.  My frugality aside, I decided that there was no reason why I should not use this product if it a) cleaned my hair and b) sorted out my dandruff.  I shop online, so I didn’t even sniff it before purchase.

During a very rare dry brushing of my hair, I though t that Christmas had come early.  Alas, it was only my dandruff.  Not sexy no, but any curly headed reader will agree, it doesn’t really work to dry-brush hair which has been styled into its natural spirals.  Indeed, it most often results in greeting the ‘before’ picture from a frizz fighting advert in  the mirror.  However well doctored with product (serum serum and more serum), it will still POOF when brushed liberally.  For that reason, I tend to only brush when my hair is wet and full of conditioner.  Also for this reason, my scalp does not get nicely irrigated with a brush several times a day, and so I tend to get flakes if left unchecked.  Back to the job at hand.

Now, my only real worry with this product was that it might smell overwhelmingly of MAN.  You know, a mixture of Lynx and testosterone.  I can report back quite happily that the smell is nicely gender neutral.  Fresh and invigorating (lovely actually – I thought the smell was gorgeous), yes neither innately male nor female.  It also seemed to make a great job of a squeaky clean on my hair.

The promises:

  • Active selenium S
  • Effective from 1st use
  • Reduces appearance of persistent flakes
  • For frequent use
  • Normal hair
  • The science of normal hair prone to dandruff
  • Dandruff can occur when the skin on the scalp loses its balance. To effectively combat dandruff, you need to act on visible flakes whilst caring for the scalp, helping to maintain a natural balance.
  • The secret to reducing the appearance of persistent visible flakes
  • The L’Oréal laboratories have succeeded in developing a formula which harnesses the power of Active Selenium S*, an effective weapon against dandruff. Its formula covers the scalp evenly and acts:
  • 1 Very Fast
  • Acts from the first wash to reduce the appearance of even persistent visible flakes and maintain the scalp in optimal condition.
  • 2 Long Lasting
  • So effective, see visible results for up to 4 weeks** even if you stop using it.
  • Proven clinical results
  • With regular use, visible flakes appear reduced for up to 4 weeks**.
  • *Contains Selenium Disulfide, avoid contact with the eyes and broken skin.
  • **After 4 weeks of regular use.

After watching the film Evolution, as opposed to any real knowledge of haircare products, I know that selenium is used to combat dandruff, which is what I wanted it for.  As it’s ticked all my other boxes, I will happily continue using this for the next 4 weeks to report back results.  I included all the extra ***’ed information so you know why I suggest 4 weeks, not that my decision needs much justification.

I will report back in 4 weeks, unless I have grown a pair of balls and started to go by the name Bruce.  Until then….

Would you use wifey’s depilatory cream? Do you pinch hubby’s shaving gel?  I’d love to hear your experiences and comments, as they never fail to make me smile 🙂 x

2 thoughts on “Product review: Elvive shampoo Anti Dandruff Intense – For Men

  1. i have bad experience with anti dandruff shampoo, i hate Head & Shoulders, my hair get very dry…And I continue to have dandruff… but I will try this shampoo…

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