Product review: Collection 2000 Nail Smash Top Coat – 2 White Smash

Hello again my fabulous friends.  I hope you all have straining waistbands, loads of new swag, and possibly a lingering hangover.  All signs of a Christmas well spent.  I know I’ve eaten way to much, but if you can’t stuff your face at Christmas, when can you.  Our Christmas was a little….unconventional, but will post about that later in the week.  For now, nails nails nails, as everything is better with a pop of luscious colour.

I first tried out the Collection 2000 Nail Smash Top Coat approximately a week ago (post here).  I wasn’t sure about the consistency due to the polish I used underneath, so I was keen to try it out again.  Luckily for me, my daughter has two weeks of school (they’re not allowed nail polish at school), so we went mani-mad.  My first endeavour was to try out my ‘frozen pond’ look once again.

This was the look last time – with a midnight blue base.  I wasn’t 100% happy, but the checkout girl in Boots thought they looked great.  Thank you lovely girl in Boots for boosting my waning confidence.  They really do do everything there, even self-esteem on tap.

This time I started with a lighter blue base.  Still an ‘old’ varnish, so not one that’s available now, but there are around 100 similar if you wanted to recreate the look.  I layered the white top coat on really quite thickly, knowing I needed to apply enough for it to crackle, and that a second coat would not really work with this look.

I was much happier with the finish on this one.  The focus is better on the right hand, and you can get a proper feel for the finish.

See, my little girl is a pro at photo poses for blogging already.  It’s the great thing about growing up in an #instageneration.

A little runny
A little chalky
Matt finish (though this is very on trend)

Reasonable price
Cool crackle finish

I finished with a shiny top coat, which made the chalkiness a non-issue.  My little girl absolutely loved it, and said it reminded her of willow pattern.  It does sort of have that flavour, so would probably make a quirky pairing with a vintage dress.  So far I have only tried with blue, so I have no idea how it will look with other colours.  That is after all the beauty of makeup – the number of looks you can create is almost endless.

Would I buy again?  Yes.  It’s a great product for the price, and it’s really fun.  I think nails especially should be fun as well as beautiful.  Yes girls, we can have it all.  I have a few new nail products I want to showcase, but I’m sure this one will be popping up in another mani pretty soon.

You can buy Collection 2000 nail smash topcoat in Superdrug for £2.99.  For fans of OPI’s shatter, they also have it in black for a similar effect.  Superdrug also have some great bits on sale, and free delivery on orders over £10, so it’s worth having a poke around.

As always, thanks for reading.  I’m loving my journey back in to the world of nail’s, albeit with an unsteady hand and currently very basic looks.  Basic however, need not be boring?

Do you like a straight classic nail look, or something more ‘fun’?  Do you get excited by products that are a little different, or do you like to stick to what you know?  Please let me know your thoughts and comments, as they never fail to make me smile.

2 thoughts on “Product review: Collection 2000 Nail Smash Top Coat – 2 White Smash

  1. I personally wouldn't use that colour on my nails but it looks great on yours! I like bright plain colours (maybe I'm slightly boring when it comes to varnishes!!!)


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