Product review: Borjois 123 perfect foundation

Having been on the prowl for a good foundation for a while, I was quite pleased to see Borjois Happy Light in a recent promotion, as have heard such great things.  Unfortunately they didn’t have one in my shade, but I was loathe to go home empty handed (like that could ever really happen), and so I picked up their 123 foundation after careful consideration of all the others.

It promised:

  1. yellow pigments, to combat dark circles
  2. mauve pigments, to combat dullness
  3. green pigments, to combat redness

I have been toying with using a green base to combat the redness in my face, vitamin c scrubs and serum to combat dullness, and everything I can think of to combat my perpetual dark circles, so this seemed like a winner.

I had intended to cover only half my face, and do a camera comparison.  In reality I found out, as many bloggers do, that a) winter morning light is not great for taking pictures and b) you really do need to leave more time for your morning routine if you need to get out the door by a certain time, and want to take pictures of various stages of said morning routine.  I’d left it a little late.

Upon application, I noticed an immediate difference to the area I had applied the foundation, in that it looked like my skin, only better.  I applied with a beauty blender as opposed to a foundation brush, as I am trying to gauge the effects of using different tools with different products.  I think the mark of a good foundation is that it doesn’t really look like you are wearing foundation, just that you have a great complexion, and this is what I found with this.

 This was the finished look, with only Nivea primer, no concealer (even under my eyes) and no pressed powder to set.  My skin looked healthy and glowing.  I used light vanilla, which was perfect for my skin tone.  I suffer from terrible dark circles, and I couldn’t believe that this product actually masked them nicely.

The product is said to last 16 hours, with 24 hour hydration and anti-shine.  I an susceptible to a greasy forehead, and always carry blotting papers, but even without using them (or anything for that matter) throughout the day, I found my t-zone was nothing more than dewy after I took my makeup off approximately 12 hours later.

The one point that worried me slightly was the SPF 10 in the foundation, which I have been advised to avoid for wedding photos, as it can cause glare.  The above photo was taken without flash, but I really did not experience that particular problem.  I think SPF is generally a good thing, as who wants sun damaged skin?

Would I buy this again?  Totally!  It has become my foundation de jour, and I think it will be my favourite for a while now.  Sometimes accidental finds can be the best.  Even better, if you spend over £15 on Borjois in Boots right now, you get a fabulous free gift, which I blogged about here a few days ago.

What’s your favourite recent beauty find?  Do you have a product you just can’t live without?  I’d love to hear your comments.  Thanks for reading.

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