One More Reason To Love Illamasqua (as if we needed one): Embracing Difference – Changing Faces

I said I would be writing more about the fantastic things I learned at the LFC Changing Faces lectures, and not one to renege on a promise, here is is.
During the lectures I met some wonderful people, including James Partridge of Changing Faces, a charity which represents people who have conditions or injuries which affect the appearance of their face.  If you read yesterdays post, you will know I have a vested interest in this subject.  Essentially, I really recommend you read all of my blog – it would make me very happy.  Seriously though, they are a wonderful charity who represent and empower people who for one reason or another look a little different to the majority of the population, and this will not be the last you hear of them on my humble blog.  But what does this have to do with the beauty pictured above, or Illamasqua?
As part of their ‘Imperfections Collection‘, Illamasqua hired the gorgeous Jo (above) to feature in their ads.  The mark on her face is partly makeup, but is a stylish embellishment of a birthmark covering a large portion of her face.  Instead of covering it, they have made it into art.  With or without the birthmark or the makeup, I think we would all agree that Jo is stunning.  The message is what really touched me, and what I got from this campaign is, it’s ok to be different, and it’s ok to style your body your own way.  Whether you choose to cover things like scars and rosacea, or display them in all their beauty, it’s your choice, and you are beautiful either way.
What a wonderfully empowering way to look at things, and very much my personal ethos.  For me, makeup and fashion are ways of displaying my body and face in whatever way I choose, not about covering up.  Having the choice to style myself in a way that myself and other women can appreciate.  I think us burgeoning feminists gave up the precept long ago that we are dressing, grooming and doing our hair for men.
I really do apologise to those who clicked in hoping to hear all about how fabulous Illamasqua products are and what their latest offerings look like.  If you would like to gawp at the goodies I am more than happy to point you in the direction of some awesome on-trend beauty bloggers.  I just wanted to say thank you to Illamasqua, for being a market leader that instead of telling us we have to be thinner and more beautiful, and that we will never achieve either, actually perpetuate the ideal that we are not only perfect just as we are, about that our differences should be celebrated, and I for one think that that is something to get excited about.
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28 thoughts on “One More Reason To Love Illamasqua (as if we needed one): Embracing Difference – Changing Faces

  1. This is BETTER than a product round-up! It's such an interesting way of promoting 'unconventional' beauty and I think I now love Illamasqua even more. I love how you wrote this too!


  2. It just goes to show that companies are slowly understanding that people have different needs and want different things from products. It's all about self confidence, x

  3. Lovely. She's clearly a stunning woman and it's wonderfully creative to celebrate her natural birthmark in this way.

  4. A very refreshing view from a company. Like Jayne I suffer with rosacea but i really struggle with it and it gets me down. I have yet to find anything that covers it up and desperately want laser treatment on it

  5. Did you click on the changing faces link Kara? Like the red Cross they offer a makeup service where they show you how to cover it using special makeup for covering scars and marks and things like rosacea. The pics I've seen of you always look like you're healthy and rosey cheeked, but I know (really I do) that it's a matter of personal choice and feeling confident in your own skin. Will get details for you on the changing faces and red cross makeup so you can see what they're all about 🙂
    Vicky x

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