Miss Glossybox first impressions and pictures

I’m afraid this is super late as I’ve actually had this box, and the pics done for a while, but for one reason or another have not got round to posting till now.  For the sake of perspective (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), I ordered Miss Glossybox and Birchbox this month along with my Love Me beauty box.  I haven’t been able to let you know my impressions on Birchbox, as it still hasn’t arrived.  I hope it’s just the Christmas post and that their service isn’t usually this bad, so giving them the benefit of the doubt.

I plumped for Miss Glossybox, which is aimed at a younger audience, just because I am young at heart if not in body, and I rather liked the look of it.  It is also £7.50pm as opposed to £10 for the ‘big girls’ Glossybox, so I thought I’d try it out.  I also have an 11 year old daughter who loves makeup and beauty and will happily take anything a little to ‘young’ of my hands.

This was the super exciting part – actually opening the box to find the goods within.  If I get myself a little more organised in January, I will film my de-boxing, as it’s so much fun and my partner is fed up of hearing me gush about beauty products.  I also really love the bag that it came in within the box.  I hope it is the same every time, as they would make great bags for 1001 things that these sort of drawstring bags can me used for, including washbag or makeup organisation bag.

And now, the bounty within…

 So sinful body spray

 2 x little mix nail foils
 Lacoste touch of pink perfume sample

 Full sized dermalogica clear foaming wash

All together – plus Jelly Pong Pong bronze liner
After all the excitement of unboxing, the contents were a little underwhelming, but only because it contained a perfume sample and a teeny body spray, something which alot of people find irritating about beauty boxes, and which I haven’t experienced with the Love Me beauty box.  Those aside, the two packs of nail foils look pretty funky, and despite not being a Little Mix fan (though I do like some of their music), the foils are really nothing to do with them and are a basic brick wall background ‘pow’ and ‘boom’ and such on them.  I quite like the idea of comic book nails.  Me and my daughter will have one each.
I didn’t photograph the Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow/liner, as I reviewed this at length when it was in my Love Me beauty box.  Review is here.  I am happy enough to have two of this product as I really loved it, and I think it will be one for me and one for Jess with this and the Little Mix Nail Wraps.
The clear foaming wash with be used for myself.  I am always searching for a face wash that deals with pimples and greasies, but doesn’t dry me out, or bring me out in more spots.  Will be giving this one a whirl and reporting back.
So all in all I was happy with my Miss Glossybox, and will be keeping the subscription going for a few months to get a real feel of what it’s about.  I would like to see less perfume samples and more actual beauty and makeup items, but other than that am quite pleased.  Can’t wait to see what January has on store.
Do you get any beauty boxes?  Would you buy one for yourself or as a gift?  Does the idea excite you or seem a little strange?  Please let me know your thoughts and comments, as I love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading.

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