miamoo complete cleansing system: gentle enough for the most delicate skin

As my eldest child is now 14, I look back on the days when he and I would enjoy a bath together.  As a big baby, he didn’t like the little bath, but in the big bath he was in his element.  We had fun and giggles, and it was the only time he got relief from some really dreadful colic.  Needless to say, that meant we spent quite alot of time in the bath.  

Before he was even born, I had a bathroom cabinet full of the leading branded baby products.  They seemed to smell of ‘baby’ and made my womb do somersaults.  The problem, I soon found out was that it wasn’t anywhere near as mild as it needed to be, for my son or for myself.  We both had, and still have super sensitive skin, which would come up dry, bumpy, itchy and flaky using the products that were meant to be gentle for baby and mum.

A mere 14 years later, a breakthrough in skincare for the most sensitive mums and babies

miamoo travel set

maimoo is a 3 step cleansing routine that makes sense to any parent who has the most basic facial skincare routine.

Step 1: Cleanse
The fresh locks shampoo, splashy wash and spritz and wipe – to gently clean away the dirt and grubby grime from delicate skin and hair

Step 2: Moisturise
huggy lotion, cheeky cream and spritz and wipe (which also helps to lock in moisture) – to plump and replenish beautiful bodies and bottoms

Step 3: Massage
baba oil – for perfect bonding time and blissed out baby

All products plus quality wash cloth

With beautiful gentle ingredients and soothing scents from marshmallow, lavender, sweet almond and geranium, it’s not hard to see why the miamoo range has made a splash with babies and parents alike.  The spritz and wipe spray is super handy for grubby hands and faces, and the baba oil for massage is soothingly sumptuous for sensitive skin.  I would most certainly buy a full size bottle of this, though the travel set is so handy for changing bags, handbags and weekends away.

If I could add to the range at all, I think some on the go products for sensitive toddlers who can’t keep still would be super, though the current range is so inclusive I believe it to be suitable for sensitive faces and bodies from birth to pension.  You can’t put an age limit on quality products that deliver exactly what they set out to, and I would certainly purchase again.

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Do you have a baby or simply want baby soft sensitive skin?  Would you give the miamoo range a try?

*PR sample – views are my own
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