Makeup free day aka Love Your Skin

I know it sounds scary, but hear me out…

Alot of makeup is fabulously skin friendly these days – not like the pancake it used to be.  It is ultimately very wearable, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day if so desired.  The traditionalist in me however likes one makeup free day a week, just to give my skin a chance to breath.

Focus on skincare

Is a much less threatening descriptive term.  I like the chance to do a deep pore cleanse the evening before (especially as my skincare routine is a little….well…lazy), without loading in the makeup the next day and leading to possible breakouts.  I’m a skincare Luddite, so am sure there are people screaming at their screen ‘but it doesn’t have to be that way’, which I’m sure is true.  My skills (and my skincare collection) however, are a little behind my aspirations.

Break out

Clobbered by a ‘time of the month’ breakout, my skin really does need some love.  The mask I applied last night was a gift from a gorgeous friend, and I love it, and her.  REN ClearCalm 3 Anti-Blemish Treatment Mask is one of my all time favourite beauty items.  It banishes grease without drying, helps soothe (and often prevent) a breakout, and leaves my skin baby soft.

Scrub a dub dub

I love an exfoliating scrub.  For years I was addicted to the St Ives Apricot Scrub, but I got a little bored with the smell, and the size of the exfoliating ‘bits’ is quite large, so it can be a little harsh.  I still use their products on my body, but personally find them a little to ‘industrial’ for my face skin, which is quite sensitive.

I am currently using Soap and Glory (I LOVE Soap and Glory!) Scrub Your Nose In It.  It is quite drying, so I only actually use it as a scrub on my T-Zone, with no more than a brief wash over the rest of my face.  It’s great for when my skin feels bumpy and dull, and brightens it up marvellously.  I couldn’t find it on the Soap and Glory website, so am unsure if they are still making it.

My next scrub purchase will defiantly have an emphasis on gentle.  I would love to hear your product suggestions, as I hate to buy blind, and often choose things for the wrong reasons.

Moisturise…and breath

Now I’ve hit my 30’s, I have gone moisturiser mad, in an effort to outwit crows feet and crepey bosom (it’s not working lol).  My current go to is simply Nivia Q10 Night and Day creams.  I am waiting to be wowed by another, possibly ‘investment’ moisturiser, but am a little dazzled by what’s on offer, and what is indeed important in a moisturiser (other than moisturising, but you can do that with petroleum jelly at a push).  Help me please!!

And last – a confession

When I am tired, I lose the will to do anything other than flop into bed.  Unless I leave plenty of time, any semblance of an evening beauty regime gets quickly forgotten (as already demonstrated in my short time as a blogger).  I often fall asleep with my makeup on, or give my face the most perfunctory swish with a makeup wipe.  I know this is a beauty sin, but I also know I am not alone.

Come on girls and boys – confess your beauty wins and sins in the comments box, I would really love to hear them

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