Love me

Having spent a largely sleepless night surfing the blogosphere, my brain is now brimming with possibilities, aspirations and must haves.

The first must have that I just had to have for my very ownsome is the Love Me beauty box.  I saw the boxes themselves, and the products within raved about on various beauty blogs, and on visiting the website I could see why.

The concept

You choose from a variety of products in various shades to fill your box.  You can choose from 3-4 pre-sets, depending on whether you want makeup or beauty/skincare products.  I wanted both and found it hard to choose.  There is also the option of a ‘surprise’ box – where the contents is chosen for you.  I was very tempted by this.  I love the idea of a present to yourself, and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for it to come.  The idea of a surprise present certainly appealed to the excited kid in me – but I was ultimately won over by the fabulous compendium of items listed in the box I chose.

And now the wait

I will of course post when this luscious lot arrives, and let you know my thoughts on the products themselves.  I am not a solely beauty blogger.  I would love to be, but don’t have the focus, time and energy necessary.  To that end, I will post links to some other bloggers who can better talk about the finer points of makeup. For me, this is another way to enrich my day, and ultimately my life by filling it with treats and treasure to sparkle me through the day.  I am looking forward to sharing my sparkles with you all – disabled or otherwise, we can all make use of the gorgeousness modern life has to give. xxx

That link again


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