Love me beauty box has arrived

I’m so excited….that I just can’t hide it…I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…

Oh yeah!

Ok that’s quite enough of that.  I do apologise my dears, but I really am excited to have received my Love Me beauty box, mentioned here earlier in the week.

So without further adue, I present my lovely present to me, so I may share my enthusiasm with you all.

Apologies for picture quality, I get hand tremors which give most of my photos a ‘soft focus’ type look, which is not what you want when you’re trying to showcase beauty products.  I shall defer to the stock picture for the main lineup.

The write up

1.  Mitchell and Peach (Sample Size) 50ml
Shower Wash RRP £20 (250ml)
Mitchell and Peach shower wash is an invigorating body cleanser which nourishes and softens all skin types. Enriched with Vitamin E, wheat proteins and natural English honey harvested from the Mitchell Estate in Kent shower was invigorates the senses with a classic English countryside inspired scent.
How to use: Pour a small amount of shower wash into a bath sponge or washcloth and work into a rich lather. Rinse off thoroughly. For an alternative add to a steaming hot bath for ultimate relaxation.

2.  Art Deco (Full Size)
Hydra Lip Booster RRP £11.50
Translucent Rose (38)
This lip gloss provides full sensual lips with a trace of colour and wonderful shine. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres maintain the hydration level of the lips and “cushion” little wrinkles from beneath, Marine Fillings Spheres evens out wrinkles and lines and Blue Seakale und Collangeneer support the regeneration, improving the skins elasticity. The Hydra Lip Booster has an excellent wearing comfort and visible care for the lips.
How to use: Apply the gloss directly to the lips. Build up and layer for a more intense and pigmented lip.

3.  Jelly Pong Pong (Full Size)
2-in-1 Bronze Shadow/Liner RRP £10.50
A uniquely formulated crayon that doubles as an eyeliner for thick, precise lines as well as perfectly blended eye shadow. The exclusive combination of Italian formulated waxes and pigments allow you to build up the colour, smudge or create bold lines quickly and easily.
How to use: This creamy 2-in-1 crayon can be used to line the eyes as well as smudged and blended as eye shadow. Line as closely as possible to the lash line as an eyeliner or layer and blend onto the lip to use as an eye shadow.

4.  Absolution (Sample Size) 40ml
Le Soin Purifiant RRP £24 (50ml)
Le Masque Purifiant is a skin-renewing mask that rids skin of impurities while restoring radiance and vitality. An exclusive cocktail of birch sap and white clay absords purities and tightens pores, while soothing skin.
How to use: Apply Le Masque Purifiant to a cleansed face for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

5.  Models Own (Full Size) 14ml
Nail Polish ‘Red Alert’ RRP £5 (14ml)
Stay on trend right down to the tips of your toes. All Models Own nail polishes glide on smoothly and are hard wearing and long lasting. Designed for passion and fun, paint the town red with this bold statement colour.
 How to use: Apply 1-2 coats over a basecoat. Leave to dry and then apply a topcoat for extra shine.

First impressions

Mitchell and Peach
I love the concept.  It is local with natural ingredients.  The smell is a little nondescript, but will try it in the shower tonight and see how it ‘gels’ with my sensitive skin.

Artdeco gloss
Nice packaging and easy pen application.  Went on smoothly and not tacky and thick like some glosses.  I applied 10 mins before taking photo to see if it really did ‘cushion’ my wrinkles.  My lips feel lovely and moisturised, and I had quite crunchy ‘winter lips’ before application.

It gives a nice natural look, perfect for ‘I’m not wearing makeup’ makeup looks.  I will be using this often. *NB. The black mark on my lip is a scar, I haven’t been eating biros.

Jelly pong pong
The crayon is lovely and chunky with a thick nib.   I have been experimenting with brown on my lower lashes, so am looking forward to working it into my makeup routine tomorrow and seeing how workable and easy to use the formula is, and how the colour works for my skin tone and eye colour.

Absolution mask
Packaging looks high end, and mask smells quite astringent.  Looking forward to trying this.

Models own nail varnish
I haven’t done my own nails in an age (hand tremors and nail varnish don’t mix), but have decided to forgo my usual monthly gelish mani and funnel the money saved into buying even more makeup and clothes.  With the help of a nail corrector pen (and maybe a good friend) I am going to have a crack, and will report back with my thoughts.  They say once you go gelish, you never go back, but we shall see.

So that’s it guys and girls.  Thanks so much for your patience with my photo skills.  I’m sure if you bear with me I will.

Thank you for reading

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