It’s a hair-mergency!

I have a morning appointment tomorrow – something which I try to avoid because of the amount of organisation it takes to get me somewhere.  That having been said, I have broken almost all my own organisational ‘rules’.

Get to sleep on time

However much sleep you need, it is important (and simple mathematics) to factor it into your day.  If you have to get up at 6am, and know that you need 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed, it’s important to be not only in bed, but in the position to be able to sleep around 10pm.  This sounds so easy in theory, but in practise is not.

One of the biggest beauty tools at our disposal is sleep.  That and drinking plenty of water.  Again, it may sound obvious, but I prefer to do one in the day, and one at night.  If I nap to much in the day, it upsets my circadian rhythm, and I get rebound insomnia.  If I drink to much liquid (water, herbal tea etc) after about 8pm, I spend the first part of the night cruising the halls to and from the loo!

But what does that have to do with your hair?

In an effort to catch a decent amount of ZZZ’s, I took the opportunity to go to sleep when I found myself drifting off in front of the TV.  It was a smart move, as I so often push through my tiredness, only to meet it’s mortal enemy insomnia on the other side.  However, in so doing, I skipped my ‘night before’ routine of washing hair, getting an outfit out ready etc, meaning I have left these things to add to my morning routine, and further complicate the task of getting out the door on time.

In my constant battle to look my best with the least possible effort, I dyed my hair back to its natural brown from the blonde I have been sporting for the last year.  Bleaching proved exhausting, and I spent far to much time with 2 inches of brown root in an effort to put off getting my colour done.  Styling fail!  Better a committed brunette than a half-arsed blonde. Where the blonde always looked a little dry, my rediscovered brunette roots (pun intended) have led to an attack of the greasies and a need to rethink my haircare routine.

My solution

Short of waking my fiancee by doing these tasks now, I have an idiot proof back up plan:

Dry shampoo – the busy/exhausted girls must have
A simple up do – say goodbye to the severe ‘Essex facelift’ ponytail.  Make it soft, make it sexy, make it fun!
A pre-coordinated outfit – perhaps a little cheat, as I just bought a gorgeous outfit from that I am itching to wear (pics to follow) – but on those days where you just can’t turn your brain on long enough to style an outfit in the morning, pick something that you know works – even if it is your go to favourite outfit that you would wear every day if you could

More to come

More to come on my personal takes on hair, clothes and makeup and how I work each into my life.  In the meantime, I will make another attempt at the aforementioned good nights sleep – but hey, when you have a selection of the most fabulous under-eye concealers, it’s so easy to fake 😉

Sleep tight x

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