#HOTD – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – 80’s inspired hair

As you can probably guess, I was feeling pretty 80’s here.  My hair is just made for 80’s looks, it’s big and curly (and prone to looking dry – which is very 80’s – but not intentional on my part).  The outfit I was wearing was totally rocking Cindi Lauper (my kids didn’t know who she was – only that mummy is very embarrassing when she sings 80’s songs in the car, and the supermarket).
I started the day with a side part, which suits me anyway.  If I wear my hair in the centre part that is naturally falls in, I can end up looking a bit like a Springer Spaniel, or Crystal Tipps, depending on which analogy resonates with you.  My side part remained, and annoyed me for most for most of the day, as I don’t like having hair in my face, but I loved the look.  The back went half up into a loose pony, which I wrapped in a rabbit ear hair-band from Claires, and half down and bobby pinned inwards in a kind of curly mohawk.
I should have got someone to take a picure of the back of my head – but I hope you get the idea here.  To take the theme one step further, I actually got some 80’s fingerless gloves in Claires when we last hit the shops, and some earrings on sale that will really go full throttle 80’s.  J has actually given up on me at this point, even though I only went with the hand gloves and not the full up the arm ones, which were so funky!  Yes, I believe I am having a one woman 80’s revival, so this won’t be the last you see of looks like this.  watch this space – and if you have any ideas, suggestions or requests, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

4 thoughts on “#HOTD – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – 80’s inspired hair

  1. Just one word, Vicky – Stunning.
    I love the whole look and especially your infectious smile. Just looking at the pictures brought a happy smile on my face. xx

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