Getting your feet summer ready

Although the sun has only made an appearance in the last few weeks, it’s coming time to get our feet and legs out for summer skirts and shorts.  Leaving aside for one moment the issue of winter hair removal, this is the time when our feet come out of nice thick socks and tights, full shoes and ankle boots to face the world.  I had occasion to wear sandles recently, and when I took stock of my poor neglected feet I knew something had to be done.

After a winter hiding away, my feet had gone very very dry, not only one the soles but in between the toes.  I had horrible scaly dinosaur skin.  I turned to Lush, the Queen of masks for any body part, made with lovely fresh ingredients.  I slathered my feet with Volcano foot mask, which is made with china clay, pumice, papaya and tomatoes, and covered with two large sandwich bags which I tied around my ankles.  I left on for 10 minutes and then rinsed off under the shower head, rubbing the mask in as I rinsed.


My feet felt thoroughly refreshed, but to seal the deal I applied another Lush favourite, Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter.  The product is a rich and thick cream, with little pearls of moisture inside.  When rubbed in they have a minor abrasive effect on the cuticles, making them easier to pull back, and melt into a highly moisturising preperation.  I use this product on my hands all the time, and you can just rub it in and go, but I wanted to go the extra mile for my summer ready toots, and popped on cotton socks to wear overnight.


The result?  Feet as soft as a babies behind, and totally pedi ready.

What is your summer skincare routine?

What are your best hints and tips for someone who wants to get their body summer ready?


4 thoughts on “Getting your feet summer ready

  1. Oh god, yes, poor neglected feet. A few weeks back I put my Fitflops on for the first time this year. I forgot how I have to 'train' my feet to wear them again after a Winter under wraps. I always get blisters for the first few weeks of wear, until my feet have hardened off with exposure to the outside air, lol! I think it high time that I now go get a pedicure! Tx

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