Eyes and ears and mouth and nose: total body health inside and out – supplements and vitamin drinks

I’m a little run down right now, and really feeling it.  I’m having problems with my ears, have a stye on my eye, and ulcers in my mouth, just to mention the head area.  It’s all a little unpleasant, but for me a clear shoutout from my body that it’s run down and needs some looking after.  I have an on-off relationship with vitamin supplements.  Every now and then (usually when I am run down), I stock up and start taking some, convinced I will benefit.  Usually I end up finding out I am allergic to something (last time was Ginko Biloba), and that unless it’s on my prescription list, I am a bit hit and miss with taking tablets.  I am however very aware of how supplements can benefit.  I have read and been told many a time that if you have a good diet, you shouldn’t need to take anything.  That being said, in the busy world we live in, I know that I don’t stop to think whether I have had enough iron etc in any one day.
So with flaky nails and breaking hair, I was thrilled to see a beauty based supplement making up part of my last Love Me beauty box.
The Beautify Me Vitamin Complex is designed to take care of your skin, hair and nails using a combination of Marine Collagen, MSM and Silica.  The only thing I understand here really is collagen, knowing that it is the thing that’s meant to plump your skin.  I thought silica was the little packet of crystals that you got in with your new shoes, but I always defer to people who know me in matters such as this, and assume the people who make this do.  I can’t say I’ve seen any difference while taking it, but you probably need a few months of taking it to see a difference.  Add to that the fact that I am run down, and I will give these the benefit of the doubt.  I did see these at £15 in Boots, but also at £5.99 in TK Maxx, so if you’ve started taking them and wish to continue, I would head over to TK Maxx.
I tried this vitamin water purely because I happened to be in Boots and needed a drink.  This looked interesting so I thought I would try it.  It tasted like weak squash, and I don’t think I got any more from it than I would from drinking plenty of water.  Not even bottled water, but from the tap.  This is my biggest beauty and body tip, and am all for drinking plenty of water.  Not more than feels natural for you, but being properly hydrated had huge health benefits, and not drinking enough can have huge health implications, leading to headaches and all sorts of other complains.  I’m still waiting to be convinced when it comes to vitamin waters, but if it is tasty and not high in sugar, I think they certainly can’t hurt.

So after hearing that I’m unconvinced these things are of much benefit, I guess you are pretty surprised to see this.  Why is it here?  Because I bought it.  It’s not my fault – honest – the magazines made me do it!  When J and I went to Bournmouth recently, the weather wasn’t great and the Wi-Fi signal in our room was patchy at best.  Alot of magazine reading occurred.  So, when we hit the shops and I saw this wonder product that had been talked up in all of my lovely glossies, I just had to have it.  I know, I am easily lead and I am ashamed.  I used my huge cache of Boots advantage point to procure Fountain Food Supplement, as it is priced at £27.99 per bottle!  I’m yet to start taking it, but as I understand, when I do, my life will change.  Honest guv – the glossies told me!
I will of course report back when I have a couple of weeks worth of this miracle liquid inside me, and tell you all the scientific stuff it is supposed to do, and whether or not it is doing it.  In the meantime I will slope off and nurse my poorly body and tell you no more about its current malfunctions.  Till next time, thank you for reading.

17 thoughts on “Eyes and ears and mouth and nose: total body health inside and out – supplements and vitamin drinks

  1. I have had the bottled vitamin water before, I really liked it, don't think it actually did any good, but tasted nice. I have very low Vit D and Iron and am constantly on supplements via my prescription.

  2. That's good to know Rachel thank you. Where did you notice the biggest difference? If it the hyaluronic acid one? Wonder if it is worth doing before and after skin pics 🙂
    Vicky AaUD

  3. I used to get put on Iron and Vitamin B and such – but I try to avoid my GP where possible these days – I visit far to many medical practitioners for my liking.
    Vicky – AaUD

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  5. You share your problem with us. I think your need take care your eyes and your mouth. As soon as possible you will go to doctor for treatment. Hope after some time later you will feel fine. Wish your good luck.

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