EOTD: eyes of the day – coloured eyeliner MUA product review

I am jusr having the most fun right now playing with different eye looks and different products.  This turquoise eye look was inspired by my last OOTD, in which I was sporting a turquoise cardigan.

This MUA intense colour eye pencil was purchased from Superdrug for just £1.  For this reason, and my current adoration of coloured eyeliner, I got one in each colour.  This particular one is in turquoise.

The look itself actually worked really well.  I used:

I has also wondered why the classic pink and green Maybelline has been a beauty staple for so long, which is why I purchased and used in here.  I was very inpressed, and although I love Maybelline and have many of the more current mascaras, I think that this little beauty does the job nicely.  The look above was with just one coat, no eyelash curling, and no falsies.
I do love an exaggerated cat eye on the upper lid, and pretty much always go for a variation on what I’ve done here.  It works for me.  I had applied eye primer at the same time as my face primer (after washing my face but before getting dressed, to give it time to set).  I really can’t say at this point whether it helped, and I did notice a little bit of flaking on the black liner by the end of the 14 hour day.
The MUA has a great colour, but it really quite solid and sharp as opposed to smooth and creamy.  I went over my undereye many times with the pencil and got a good colour, but it was just to harsh for my waterline.  At this price however I’m not complaining.  It did the job, and it a great pick if you want to try lots of different colours.
All in all I was pleased with the look, and the new products.  I know I will be showcasing many looks including and incorporating coloured liner going into 2014.
What’s your favourite eye look?  Do coloured eyeliners appeal, or are you more of a eyeshadow person?  Do you feel naken without your falsh lashes?  Please to comment, as I love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Your eyes look really pretty!! I really need to make more time for myself and don some make-up once in a while as I do feel so much better about myself when i do!!

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