Countdown to holiday in the sun: full body MOT for swimsuits and sarongs – Phase 1 – lucious legs and golden tan

Until last year I had never had a holiday in the sun.  I never thought anything of not going till I actually went, and we had the most fantastic time. 
With just a few weeks to go, I know there are certain things I need to do to prepare.  Since losing 2 stone so I can gain it again while I’m out there is already out the window, I have been concentrating on the things I actually have some control over.  Creating my capsule wardrobe, getting in the sun cream and midge spray, and beautifying myself are the order of the day, starting with step 1:  make winter legs swimsuit worthy.
Since my endeavours to save money in everything I do extends to growing my leg hair to epic proportions in the winter in order to save money on thermal undies, taking care of that had to be the first job on my list.  After efforts with the garden shears to trim away the bulk of the foliage, I got acquainted with the depilatory cream
Driven my the current trend for Argan Oil products, I plumped for Superdrug Argan Oil Pro In Shower Hair Removal Cream.  When I purchased it, it was on offer at £4.99 each or 2 for £5, so I splurged that extra penny and got two.  I usually use the sensitive hair removal cream from Nair which I get in Poundland for, you guessed it – £1, but I thought I would treat myself.  The Nair cream does the job beautifully, but it does smell rather like burning plastic.  This offering from Superdrug was nice.  It did the job and left my skin feeling more moisturised than normal, but I’m not sure about it’s ability to stand up to the shower.  The idea is that you pop it on at the start of your shower, have a wash and then take it off.  I personally sit down in the shower due to disability, so on my first try the hair removal really didn’t happen.  When I tried again and treated it like a normal hair removal cream it worked fine.
Next up was sloughing off the winter scales from my skin, a job which calls for a yummy body scrub.
Glamour Grit from Urban Tan is a gorgeous smelling oil-free salt scrub enriched with anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and Green Tea extract.  It also has Sea Kelp and Algae for skin conditioning.  Whatever went into making it, it left my skin super soft after a scrub in the shower, and smelling just lovely.
Next, put back the moisture.
After months of on off neglect, my limbs were very grateful of the gorgeous Barefoot SOS Face and Body Rescue Cream.  Suitable even for sensitive skin and those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis this was a deeply moisturising kiss on every inch of my skin. 
And after all that pampering, there is one last treat for my nearly holiday ready skin.
That’s right, the scrummy fake tan from the same range as the Glamour Grit, glamorously titled Fair Maiden.  I don’t like landing in a hot country with my usual blue white English skin, so I always fake a gorgeous glow.  I don’t take the sun well, and so be honest I feel that fake tan is a fantastic foot forward in the fight against skin cancer, and would use it over spending hours baking in the sun any day.  I likes me a big floppy hat and a sun umbrella.
Really easy to apply, with a guide colour to show you how much you’ve put on and where, Fair Maiden is fabulous.  As I am pale, I chose this over the darker shade in the range, and it was just right.
After 2 days and two coats, with a shower to take off the guide colour, I have a luscious golden limb.  I really wish I’d have done a before and after to show you just how pale I was beforehand, but you’ll just have to trust me on that one.
My last instance of product love just has to be PhytoPlage shampoo
The perfect holiday shampoo, it is anti-salt and anti-chlorine, just ideal for a holiday hair wash.  This is most certainly going in my suitcase, and I will report back on my hopefully silky and non-sun damaged hair.  Huzzah!
And there we have it.  My weekly routine from now until take-off.  Remember ladies and gents, sometimes the best thing you can wear is a smile and a tan.
Do you have a special pre-holiday routine?  Do you use tan in a bottle or do you take the sun well?  Would you use any of these products at home or on holiday?

*PR samples, views are my own


31 thoughts on “Countdown to holiday in the sun: full body MOT for swimsuits and sarongs – Phase 1 – lucious legs and golden tan

  1. I had great results with this one, then previously I would only use StTropez as a lotion self tan. I would most defo recommend 🙂
    Vicky – AaUD

  2. Thank you. This one is top notch. I found it easy to use and it went on smoothly even though I'm all thumbs 😉

  3. Really love colour you know. I am dark anyway so don't need to use any tan products but is good to know. The other products sound good too. Thank you for sharing with the #BSParty

  4. I haven't used fake tan in ages. You leg colour looks good not streaking and dark not tango. Preparing for holidays is fun 🙂

  5. I've been really enjoying reading your posts!! Love the bargain of 2 for just an extra penny lol – bargain! I want to buy some fake tan, was going to go for San Tropez but might give this a whirl instead!

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