Catch 22: skincare in your 30’s and beyond – spots vs. wrinkles

For our second topic in the 2014 blogger challenge, we were given skincare.  I loved our last topic of ‘Inspiration’ (for the new year) and have read some fabtastic blog posts.  Keep em coming peeps.

I had thought I was a beauty addict before I started blogging, but my thirst for lovely things has increased exponentially since I caught the blogger bug.  Knowing that there is no ‘imperfection’ that can’t be corrected is pretty addictive, and I now have products to combat problems I never knew I had before.  This post however I will be discussing those skin issues that hit most of us when the clock strikes 30.


I never suffered terribly as a teen with spots.  I had the odd spot, and an irritating blackhead issue on my nose, but compared to my peers I got of pretty lightly.  Entering my 20’s, I thought the odd spot was just a hangover from my teens, and they would cease and desist with time.  Now I’m in my 30’s, and am kind of accepting that spots will always be a skin issue to one degree or another.  I get hormonal breakouts, and little pimple clusters when I am tired and run down.  They are an issue for me right now, so I am on the acne defencive.  There in lies the rub….so to speak.  The beauty products I have been using thus far to try and combat my spotty cheeks (on my face – mind out of the gutter please), tend to be quite drying.  This is not ideal once one has reached an age where we, like clockwork, start to worry about…..

Lines and wrinkles

When my 30th year was well and truly here, I began what can only be described as a staring contest with my mirror.  Not a regular mirror, no, a magnifying mirror.  5X magnification to view and scrutinise every pore and every blemish, and of course start a metaphorical 24 hour guard against wrinkles.  No way were they coming in on my watch.  In the proverbial ‘fight against wrinkles’, I had in my arsenal every known moisturising product known to man.  Of course it gets more complicated than that, but in essence I knew that my once neglected skin now had to be moisturised to within an inch of it’s life, to keep the nasty blighters at bay.

So, my current skincare routine involved taking all the moisture out with one set of products, and putting it all back in with another set of products.  Sounds totally sane to me!

In conclusion

Rather than giving you a rundown of everything I do to combat acne and prevent wrinkles, this post is intended to be a lighthearted introduction to both topics.  I know that in my teens and 20’s, I did not foresee me spending nights slathering on so much night cream I regularly slip off my satin pillow (better for preventing wrinkles), and the day slathering on a salicylic acid based product and covering it with lots of beige, for undercover spots.  I promise you it’s not just me.  Stars such as Cameron Diaz and Katy Perry still battle acne, and they are smokin!  What wonders makeup can do.

In case I have you younger gals worried, the odd night on a sauce will not destroy your skin.  Drink plenty of water (this is actually a good remedy to so many things, and I will do a dedicated post at a later date), get enough sleep (even if you occasionally fall asleep in your makeup, this will not do permanent skin damage) try to eat well (a balanced diet can still include chocolate).  Don’t worry about spots or impending wrinkles – this is true for everyone of any age.  It’s good to age gracefully, and love the skin you’re in, but it also doesn’t hurt to take care of yourself.  I’m a big believer in healing from the inside out, so what you put inside your body really does make a difference.  How you feed your body for great skin, hair and nails is as individual as you are, but there are tonnes of simple things you can do, eat and drink that will make a huge difference that you will actually be able to see in the mirror.

If you’ve any questions, comments or stories, please do share below.  I love to hear what you guys have to say.

25 thoughts on “Catch 22: skincare in your 30’s and beyond – spots vs. wrinkles

  1. I think my skin has looked 'tired' since I have had my second little boy. Sleep makes a huge difference for sure, and water. I keep trying different products in the meantime! : DLouisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. I'm very similar to you – my teenage acne was pretty light, compared to some of my friends. About the only thing I did as far as skincare up until about age 35 was wear sunscreen *if I was going to be in the sun for longer than an hour*, and I have never had to deal with more than the occasional spot. Now that I'm on the back side of my 30's, I notice my skin looking dry, and those wrinkles are creeping in. The worst part? Now that I'm doing macro shots of my hands, all I can see is the craggy old skin on my hands and fingers! Suffice it to say, I've started including a moisturizer for both my face and my hands into my daily routine!

  3. This October, I will turn 30. I suffered with acne as a teenager so when I turned 19 and had clear skin, I was thrilled. However as I hit 24/25 the acne came back, with vengeance. The only thing that 'cured' it was taking a contraceptive pill designed for bad skin. I am currently (touch wood) having a good spell with my skin, thanks to said pill. However I am conscious that it makes my skin less oily, therefore I'm at that difficult stage where I want a cream/moisturiser for my skin to hold off fine lines and wrinkles but I don't want any further breakouts! Oh to be a woman!! x

  4. At 37 I've never worried about wrinkles (so far!) unlike my younger sister who is obsessed with them!! I do however, due to PCOS get the odd outbreak which does annoy me – although the sunshine really seems to help my skin, as well as drinking lots of water x

  5. I'm not a worrier of wrinkles and have dodged through life with only the old spot but water and sleep are my two musts – especially this time of year as the central heating really dries my skin out x

  6. Oh spots… I get them so often, it's definitely a hormone thing with me. When I was pregnant my dad even said I looked like I had the measles, such was the outbreak the hormonal changes created! However, as much as I hate them, I am THE worst person for having a skincare routine. I bow down to anyone who manages to stay on top of that!

  7. I've never done anything to my skin. I'm 30 this year so should probably start thinking about doing something to keep my skin healthy. Thanks for sharing! x

  8. I'm 31 and I'm so rubbish with doing much with my skin, beyond the application of moisturiser when it's a bit dry. I don't even always go with face cream rather than just plain body lotion… I probably should!

  9. I am 30 yrs old and I rarely put anything on my face unless its to try them out and washing of course but regularity is not my greatness, i forget t drink more and moisturise more than i do , i really should try

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