Amphora Aromatics natural Borage (starflower) oil face cream: product review

I adore Amphora Aromatics products, and have been using them for years.  Their PMT massage oil is to die for, and not just for PMT.  With notes of clary sage and lavender, it has been the direct result of a more relaxed and amenable me for years.  So when I was asked if I would like to try their new Borage Cream, my answer was along the lines of ‘is a bean green’? Or the more PG version ‘does a bear poop in the woods’?
My second question was of course, what the fudge is borage oil?  Well, according to google, it is starflower oil, a name that we may know better, but nevertheless are none the wiser as to why we would want to put it on our faces.  Borage seed oil contains a fatty-acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties – perfect for puffiness.  It also restores moisture and smoothness to dry and damaged skin
I have what I can only describe as ‘extreme combination’ skin.  I have patches that are very dry and can get flaky and bumpy, and I have a very oily T-zone, so I was interested to see how my skin would fare with this product.
First Impressions
The cream itself is a nice consistency.  It feels pleasant between my fingers.  It smells almost medicinal, which seems very fitting after reading about the properties of the oil used to make the cream.  It smooths on nicely, and is absorbed quickly, leaving a nice matt finish, which is actually perfect for makeup application.
After a week of application using my usual cleaning routine, my face certainly feels softer.  The dry areas are soothed, and the oily areas are actually less so.  I have found that I have needed to use less and less over the week, which says to me that my skin is nicely hydrated, to the point where I could skip a day without any fallout.  I know I find that comforting, as I like to look after my skin, but there are some days when you just can’t stay awake one more minute, and it’s good to know you have one thing covered.
Borage oil cream and other natural products are available on the website, and are priced really well considering the premium ingredients, so I was certainly reminded why I love them so much.  If you are a little wary of changing skincare routine, I would certainly recommend their 40 hour candles, which are divine.  I have had the Champagne and Grapefruit one burning in my bedroom this week, and the smell is divine.  Perfect for setting the mood this Valentines day.

*PR sample – views expressed are my own

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  1. It is well worth paying a bit extra for top quality ingredients in your skin care products… at least I think it is

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