3 degrees of eyebrow: How to tap into the Big Brow Trend

Unless you’ve been holed up on a remote island for the last few years, you’ll have noticed that brows are back and brows are big.  Big brows are back.  Far removed from the 1990’s trend of a teeny thin arch of eyebrows, a full and natural, yet groomed brow is where it’s at right now.  Think Cara Delevingne are you’re there.

I myself have very light and sparse brows.  Not from overplucking, I just happen to have very light body hair.  This is great when you want to go another day without attending to your leg hair, but not so much when you want a full brow.  Never fear, makeup is here!  I have a very simple brow plan that is designed precisely for a) how much time you have and b) the look you’re going for.

Look One

Brow mascara. Easily available and easy to apply.  For a 5 minute makeup routine it is a go to product in my opinion.  I love Benefit Gimme Brow, which has a teeny little wand just perfect for filling in your brows as much or as little as you like.  Applied in an angled arch, it is a perfect accompaniment to a slathering of BB cream and some lip gloss.

2015-04-18 18.21.08

Look Two

Brow pencil.  This is a great go to product for a more sculpted brow.  Drawing a simple outline, with a line up to the arch and back down again following the line of the brow, then filling in gives a great look when done right.  Have a spoolie brush on hand to brush out any harsh lines.  For this look I actually use Benefits brow pencil, which has a spoolie on the end.

Look Three

Brow pommade or a brow kit.  This look takes a little more time and precision, but the results are so worth it.  I love Anastasia Dipbrow Pommade, which should be applied with a slanted brush.  The results are amazing when done correctly. The look below is pretty much what you’re aiming for.


Being a little brow obsessed, I have a plethora of drugstore brow products which I will be testing out over the next few weeks.  If you’re as much of a fan of full and flattering brows as I am, be sure to tune in.

What is your must have makeup item?  

Do you have a preference for brow products?


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