Lighter life fast: the 5:2 diet with #lighterlifefast – my weight loss journey starts here #tryfast

Well, not quite here – officially (and actually) I started on Monday the 16th of June when I returned from my holiday (which I shall also be posting about shortly).  Two years + of takeaways and meals out have taken their toll on my waistline, and I know I would have gained on holiday as I ate indiscriminately (and plentifully) – as most of us do on holiday I think.       I’ve had limited success with weight loss since (and a little before) being diagnosed with my personal plethora of health problems, most of which mean I am […]

Rocking the 5:2 diet: my weight loss journey so far with Lighterlife Fast #tryfast

And what a journey it’s been.  I started my quest for weight a little late, and not to auspiciously.  You can read the story so far here.  As a clipped summery, I stuck to the plan but actually put on weight.  After reviewing the facts, I realised I was pre-menstral and that water weight was to blame.  I’m so glad I took the time to take stock, as it urged me to stick with the plan.     I’ve been eating a healthy diet 5 days a week, with plenty of lean proteins, fruit and veg.  The other 2 days […]

Weight loss with Diet Chef: week 1

Today is weigh in day for me, and after a week of eating surprisingly delicious Diet Chef meals my weight loss for week 1 is: On the Diet Chef plan, you can expect to lose 1-2lb per week so this was a really great surprise. At my first weigh in, before I started the plan, I was quite thrilled to see I had only gained 3lb since my last weight loss effort in June 2014.  I lost over a stone with Lighter Life Fast, so a loss of 4.4lb means I’m back on track.  I’m also looking for a more […]

Me Before You: My Thoughts

Okay, so this is happening.  I am actually sitting down to write a post about the movie ‘Me Before You’ based on the book by Jojo Moyes.  What you have heard about the movie, and the opinions you have formed on both, will be largely influenced by your relationship too, or within the disability community.  What I am not going to do is write a very accurate and detailed dissection of all of the issues raised by this book and subsequent movie.  Many have done it better than me and I highly suggest you check out these pieces by Emily Ladau, Kim […]

Catch 22: skincare in your 30’s and beyond – spots vs. wrinkles

For our second topic in the 2014 blogger challenge, we were given skincare.  I loved our last topic of ‘Inspiration’ (for the new year) and have read some fabtastic blog posts.  Keep em coming peeps. I had thought I was a beauty addict before I started blogging, but my thirst for lovely things has increased exponentially since I caught the blogger bug.  Knowing that there is no ‘imperfection’ that can’t be corrected is pretty addictive, and I now have products to combat problems I never knew I had before.  This post however I will be discussing those skin issues that […]