Becoming a wheelchair user


For some people wheelchair use is a lifelong thing, but for others there comes a point where everything changes.  Whether it’s some sort of paralysis or a degenerative condition, many of us reach a point where the choices are to sit on the sofa/stay in bed all day, or use a wheelchair and get out and experience life as a wheelchair user.  When I reached the point where I simply could not get out of my home any more, I cried and then purchased a wheelchair from a healthcare organisation.  After the grief came the big realisation, the ‘where have […]

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OOTD pinup girl plus size citrus splendour

2015-07-30 15.04.09

Todays OOTD is a little slice of heaven in what’s been a pretty wet August so far.  This fresh and fabulous dress pretty much speaks for itself, so without any further ado: The skirt is beautifully full, I didn’t even need a petticoat underneath for a stunningly fanned skirt which completely covered the chair I was sitting on.  Even though we had sun when I took this pic, I still took precautions with a cute brolly.  Really, I just love accessories.  The accessories I wore with this dress really are good enough to eat.  My hair is part home grown, […]

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OOTD houndstooth check plus size glam

2015-06-25 14.00.30

OOTD may be stretching it a little as this dress has been a part of so many go to looks in this last month.  If you follow be on social media you are probably sick of seeing this dress I have worn it some much, but that’s because I love it so much!!  Here’s the look: Yes I am giving you bedroom eyes, they are my weapon in the style wars.  J seriously thought his luck was in here despite the fact that the hotel we were staying at put us in a twin room (rant on that one coming […]

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Summer fashion tips for wheelchair users


Summer’s here and the time is right…for wearing cute summer trends! There are things to consider when dressing as a wheelchair user.  Your outfit needs to be comfortable, wearable and cover the bits you want it to.  This is totally doable when shopping the high street trends, if you know what you’re looking for.  Here are my top tips to fabulise yourself while making the most of the gorgeous weather. Who wears short shorts? You do!  Sitting down, you are in the best position to show off your shapely pins.  A pair of stunning tailored shorts are made for the […]

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Top tips for buying a prom dress

Prom dress

So it’s time to start shopping for prom dresses and you cannot wait. You know exactly what you want but you’re open to, perhaps, a shorter dress, since they’re in right now.  But sometimes the line between appropriate and inappropriate lengths can be forgotten, particularly if you’re considering buying prom dresses online. What exactly is appropriate and what should you be opting for?  Firstly, you shouldn’t try and go for an incredibly short dress. What’s more, in most cases, you can easily look up your schools’ prom dress code to find out what type of dress length is appropriate and […]

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Girls night in

2015-03-21 15.58.35

It’s great to get together with the girls and have a night out when you can, but once you have kids, the times that you can do that become few and far between. It’s not just that you have to book a babysitter, or get a doting grandparent to look after the kids, it’s also the fact that life with kids is a lot more expensive than life before they arrived. So, going out and spending money on a night out might feel a little self-indulgent if you do it regularly. There’s still a way to have time with your […]

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Top tips for stress free summer travel for all the family

holiday, travel, summer holiday, traveling with children, stress free travel

Whether you travel home or abroad, most families will be having a holiday or taking a short break this summer.  A summer vacay is time to get away from everything.  To get some sun and enjoy yourself away from daily routines and responsibilities.  To get the most from your time away, it’s good to be prepared .  Just as you wouldn’t dream of jetting off without packing the factor 50, there are many simple things you can do to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.  Here is a fab infographic created by Britmums and Holidaysafe with top tips for stress free summer […]

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