Step into spring – Mens Footwear


We’re balls deep in January and Christmas feels like it was 1000 years away.  The weather can’t quite make its mind up and those back to work blues won’t quite shift.  Instead of spending six weeks trying to make your new years resolutions stick before giving up and spending a full weekend binging on wine and take-aways, hows about you join me in my favourite pastime – SHOPPING! Whether it’s for myself or others I just love to shop, especially when it’s fashion related.  I collabed with family members to get him a kick ass wardrobe for Christmas, and with […]

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Christmas Shopping Made Easy with Whitely Shopping Centre


Christmas can be a huge production, before all the fun starts.  Between getting the perfect gifts for everyone, making social plans and wrapping up work and home life in time for the festivities, it can be near to impossible to take a little time for yourself.  Buying gifts online is certainly one option, and one I take full advantage of myself, but it can feel a little impersonal.  Check lists and emails are no substitute for big bags groaning full of gifts.  On the other hand, the high street can be an intimidating prospect.  For Christmas 2015 I think I’ve […]

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Christmas Cat Eye using Mac Burgundy x 9 palette


Here is a sneek peek of todays makeup look, a festive Christmas cat eye I’ve featured on my instagram account, along with a few words…from my eye…

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MAC GIVEAWAY 9 x eyeshadow palette

Mac palette

So if you thought the awesomeness of my last giveaway could not be surpassed, think again! This week in our Christmas giveaway bonanza I am giving away a gorgeous Mac palette filled with 9 of the sublime shadows beloved by makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. This marvelous Mac giveaway ‘burgundy’ palette is full of warm neutrals, earthy browns and deep delicious oranges and reds.  I would say that this is arguably the perfect palette for winter.  The shades are aw follows: Honeylust Poppyseed Quarrey Antiqued Embark #noir Haux Star violet Sketch The giveaway is open internationally and entering is easy. […]

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Plus Size Awards 2015

IMG_20151121_195138 (1)

As a blogger with a lot of passion but no real ‘niche’, I have the privilege of chatting and socialising with many groups of bloggers representing many different genres.  Each has its own charms, but I have to put my hands up and say that the plus size bloggers I have met are amongst some of the most genuine, least competitive and most supportive bunch out there.  The rivalries, cattiness and disagreements that can be an unfortunate part of a pastime beloved by so many are virtually a non issue within the plus size community.  I have a few theories […]

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Around and Upside Down on Youtube + giveaway


Much like the Clark Kent / Superman dichotomy or…something much less cool than that, I like many others on the internet are known by lots of different names.  Here I am Vicky Kuhn from Around and Upside Down. Sometimes I am @curlywurlygirly from twitter, and on Xbox live I am hypermummy82.  I seriously don’t know where all of these crazy names keep coming from (well I do, but the stories are pretty boring and I prefer to remain mysterious). On YouTube I am Vicky or curlywurlygirly, which I am mentioning because I have actually been giving my channel some love. […]

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Kylie Jenner shameless and ableist wheelchair stunt


On International Disability Day, I really thought that the last thing I would be writing about would be the Kardashian/Jenner family.  I’ll confess that when I first heard about them, I thought the show was a Star Trek spin off (I’m totally serious – high five if you even understand that one).  The whole family have arguably gone on to shape makeup and fashion styles and trends more than any other in the last few years.  They are the reason that Mac is consistently sold out of brown lipstick and they are well aware of their status as style icons. […]

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