The Contraceptive Implant: A Word of Warning


Content warning: depression, thoughts of self harm and suicide, baby loss For most of my life, contraception has not factored into it very highly.  I had my children very young, and followed one monogamous long term relationship with a man with another long term relationship with a man, my current husband, with whom I have also been trying for children.  Not a whole lot of contraception necessary in this case.  As regular readers will know, myself and my husband have suffered two grueling losses in the last 12 months, the last two in a line of five.  While that’s about […]

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Why You’re More Normal Than You Think


I was on twitter yesterday morning, and tweeted, Does anyone else flip between ‘I can conquer the world’ and ‘world please leave me alone I can’t deal’? Ah, the vicissitudes of life… It was a kind of absent minded tweet (as are most of my tweets) just chattering about how I was feeling about trying to juggle a few life issues.  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m unattractively insecure and firmly believe I am unique in my various neuroses. While that will likely still be the chatter of my subconscious for some time to come, I received […]

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Finding Dory: Finding Myself


As much as I adored Finding Nemo, when I heard there was a sequel out I had the usual pessimistic thoughts that involve hating on Disneys capitalist greed (with sequels and merchandise firmly at the helm), but whatever ‘corporate Disneys’ reasons for releasing the film, it really is a gem! Contains *spoilers* For those of you who’ve watched Finding Nemo, you’ll know that Dory is a lovable if scatty fish (she is a blue tang) voiced by Ellen Degereres.  In Finding Nemo she is an entertaining and supportive sidekick who helps Nemo eventually get back to his father. Diving into […]

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Wheelchairs vs. Buggies: The Big Debate


If you’ve clicked into this post, I’m guessing you have a fair idea of what it’s going to be about.  A good deal of buses (particularly in the capital but not nearly enough in more rural areas where they’re needed most) have a space with no seats which was hard won by disabled rights campaigners.  This space is meant specifically for wheelchair users.  Much like the coveted disabled parking space, it has since been used as a convenient storage spot for luggage, scooters, and most of all – buggies! The law as it stands… Wheelchair users have priority use of the space […]

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How to have a great night with friends


I don’t know about you, but an evening in with friends in our house is not deserving of the term ‘dinner party’.  We are relaxed, we are comfy.  If you want to turn up in shorts and flip flops, more power too you.  If you want to wear a cocktail dress that’s great too.  Hubs looks particularly ravishing in green, it brings out the hazel in his eyes.  But even with a super laid back gathering of friends, there is plenty you can do to have your evening run smoothly.  Here are some of my top tips: 1. If you’re […]

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Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

breast cancer

Cancer is a scourge, but unfortunately one that will touch 1 in 3 people during their life time.  It is something we dread, something we fear, and rightly so.  Nobody wants to hear those two life changing words ‘it’s cancer’. So what can we do about it? Not one of us can map out a future for ourselves or the ones we l0ve.  In the face of possible adversity, and worldwide tragedy, I think a pro-active stance is always the way to go.  We run the marathons, we jump out of planes.  We scale buildings to raise money for Cancer […]

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Me Before You: My Thoughts


Okay, so this is happening.  I am actually sitting down to write a post about the movie ‘Me Before You’ based on the book by Jojo Moyes.  What you have heard about the movie, and the opinions you have formed on both, will be largely influenced by your relationship too, or within the disability community.  What I am not going to do is write a very accurate and detailed dissection of all of the issues raised by this book and subsequent movie.  Many have done it better than me and I highly suggest you check out these pieces by Emily Ladau, Kim […]

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Here Comes The Summer


It’s a beautifully sunny Monday afternoon.  I have 2 hours to myself, as I’ve just dropped the husband off for an appointment and need to hang around for a while to wait for him.  I’m in Farnham, a quaint little Hampshire town with pavement cafes, green spaces and plenty to do on a sunny day.  In fact a brief wheel into town has revealed said pavement cafes, green spaces etc to be thronged with local inhabitants enjoying a glass of something cold, a chat with a friend and the warmth of the sun on their backs.  So why, other than […]

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Asking for help: Miscarriage Heartbreak


CW: miscarriage I’ve written this blog post a dozen times, and a dozen more in my head, thinking of what to say and how to say it.  My content/trigger warning will have given the game away somewhat, but it is so much more than any one word can describe.  Last year saw heartbreak when after 4 years of trying, we lost our baby.  We decided to chase the loss with hope, and started trying again as soon as it was medically advisable.  We were lucky and conceived quickly, in January. We counted the days.  I was super careful and wouldn’t […]

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