23rd November 2014 Silent Sunday – My Sunday Photo


My handsome husband at tonights Plus Size Awards. I think he scrubs up rather well.

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Focus on The Elderly Vulnerable and Disabled: When and How to Engage a Support Worker


Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s time to think about the impact on the elderly and vulnerable.  With the preponderance of food banks, the ubiquity of the ‘heating or eating dilemma, and the many other issues that come with a rapidly aging population, I think these are topics that really need to be discussed.  To that end, this is the first in a series of features about issues that effect the elderly and vulnerable, particularly in the winter months.  Today, I am tackling the issue of how to stay independent in your own home. As someone who […]

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10 Reasons Why I am a Dalek: When It Comes To Chronic Illness It’s The Doctor Who Knows Best


When you suffer from a chronic illness or disability, it is essential to possess a sense of humour.  It makes everything easier, less heavy, less serious, even if the issues themselves are just that.  Heck, if you can’t have a good chuckle about incontinence pads then what is the point?  To that end, here is my homage to my particular set of circumstances, even though I don’t think that Daleks don’t really know what incontinence knickers look like. Ten reasons why my diagnosis should in fact be, Dalek. I can’t go up stairs (I’m an old Dalek, not the new […]

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Focus on the Elderly and Vunerable: Ways to Save Money – Energy Prices

2014-09-19 19.58.51

There are lots of ways to save money around the home.  Little changes here and there can make all the difference.  Take for instance your energy bills.  Many people stick with the same provider out of habit, or because they think it will be difficult to switch.  In the digital age, the switch can be as easy as the click of a mouse. Help keep the elderly warm this winter with the #GreatBritishSwitch from 14th – 16th November. For every switch comparethemarket.com will donate £5 to Friends of the Elderly In the spirit of helping the elderly to keep warm this winter […]

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Focus on Fashion: Bananas for Pyjamas – Snuggly Stylish and Nifty Nightwear

2014-11-12 13.49.45

 With the evenings getting longer and the days getting shorter, it can feel pretty dark and dismal.  Getting in from work at 5.30pm after battling the rain, dark and cold is a real downer.  Crunchy leaves and Autumnal colours can jog on – we’re so over loving Autumn! But it’s not all bad!  Here are some Autumn/Winter perks as I see them. Gorgeous winter coats Wellie boots Cashmere scarves Roaring fires Red wine (usually poured within ten minutes of walking through the door) Pyjamas (usually changed into within 5 minutes of walking through the door) So today I’ve gone PJ […]

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5 Top Perks for Cat Owners plus The Purrfect Feline Treat


Take a look online and you’ll soon discover cats are incredibly popular. Forget celebrity selfies – people are more interested in seeing pictures of cute cats and kittens. Despite their huge online popularity, cats have a reputation as being somewhat solitary, independent and often moody creatures. However, according to some experts this is an unfair and often untrue judgement. So, here are five reasons why cats make perfect pets. 1. They can be extremely loving If you want a pet that’s loving, friendly and loyal then a cat is the perfect choice. While there are inevitably some cats out there […]

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Silent Sunday Halloween Edition 2nd November 2014 #mysundayphoto #silentsunday


Gothic Halloween makeup

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