Diarydoll: Possibly the best pants in the world


At the grand old age of 32, I have something to confess.  Amongst my other fabulous fashion fetishes I have a real thing for pants.  Not the pants of old – of my late teens and 20’s.  The knee to bust spanx that make weeing improbable and breathing impossible.  My belly tells a story and one that I’m damn proud of!  The concerns of my 30’s are much like those for the rest of my wardrobe.  I want them to cover the bits they are supposed to and look good.  Heck, when I’m doing a backstage quick change or driving […]

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Day into evening 10 minute makeup routine


  This was a really simple look from start to finish, using the more subtle natural colours for the daytime look and going bolder for the evening.  I love the looks you can create with makeup, but sometimes you want a daytime look that is just you only better – barely there. Products used: Essence get big lashes Essence XXL nude lipgloss in Shy Beauty Essence eyeshadow quatro in Most Wanted Essence eyebrow pencils in Soft Blonde and Brown Essence easy eyeliner pen Essence lipstick in all about cupcake After applying base, brush some of the lightest colour in the […]

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A British Coffee Cronicle


  Following all the fun of national coffee week I wanted to share this awesome infographic from House of Fraser.  Happy to know more about coffee than how delicious it tastes!

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My Sunday Photo 26th April 2015 – Fashion


At the risk of seeming self involved, my Sunday Photo is yet another one of me.  An occupational hazard for any blogger who covers fashion and beauty, a slew of selfies can me a little monotonous for blog readers.  Like the large majority of my posts, this pic embodies so much for me. 1.  You can be a wheelchair and still look and feel fabulous 2.  You can be plus size and still look and feel fabulous 3.  If there’s something you think you can’t do because society says you can’t, stick two fingers up to convention and do it […]

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Getting your feet summer ready


Although the sun has only made an appearance in the last few weeks, it’s coming time to get our feet and legs out for summer skirts and shorts.  Leaving aside for one moment the issue of winter hair removal, this is the time when our feet come out of nice thick socks and tights, full shoes and ankle boots to face the world.  I had occasion to wear sandles recently, and when I took stock of my poor neglected feet I knew something had to be done. After a winter hiding away, my feet had gone very very dry, not […]

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Quick easy and cheap home teeth whitening

2015-04-16 16.43.37

That’s what we all want isn’t it?  A nice white smile without to much cost or bother.  I have to say that although I’ve never paid to have my teeth professionally whitened, I have purchased the gum guards and peroxide gel to try and whiten my teeth.  The basics of this method is that you mold the gum trays to your teeth using hot water, and then you fill the trays with the teeth whitening gel and wear for however long the instructions tell you to.  It does work, if you stick with it over a period of time and […]

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3 degrees of eyebrow: How to tap into the Big Brow Trend


Unless you’ve been holed up on a remote island for the last few years, you’ll have noticed that brows are back and brows are big.  Big brows are back.  Far removed from the 1990’s trend of a teeny thin arch of eyebrows, a full and natural, yet groomed brow is where it’s at right now.  Think Cara Delevingne are you’re there. I myself have very light and sparse brows.  Not from overplucking, I just happen to have very light body hair.  This is great when you want to go another day without attending to your leg hair, but not so […]

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