I Go Driving in My Car: Personal Independence – getting out and about with an adapted vehicle #disability

2014-06-22 12.51.27

I write an awful lot about getting around, and the problems with getting around, especially when it comes to public transport.  Pavements are craggy and my wheelchair is on it’s last legs (pun intended), so getting out of the house can pose a problem.  It would be so easy to just stay indoors, especially with the horrid weather we’ve had of late (seriously, where is summer?) The thing is though, I don’t want to stay in.  I want to get out and feel the wind in my hair.  I want to participate in life, and live it to the full. […]

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Top Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup Application at Any Age: #Teenagers #30s #40s and beyond


I have heard many times from readers that they are unsure of how to apply eye makeup, and how to get the best look for their age and skin type.  Whether you consult an online makeup specialist, read blogs or get ideas from friends, there are a few basics that are very good to bear in mind when you are creating your desired look. Wide eyed with wonder   Teenagers When you first start using eye make-up as a teenager you should always remember the golden rule ‘less is more’. It’s tempting to want to try everything when it comes […]

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Dear Fellow Bloggers: Thanks For Being Awesome! #community #inspiration #goals


Fresh of the back of a twitter chat and still reading through the transcript to find any missed tweets (those things can get pretty fast), I just had to put fingers to keyboard for an impromptu blog post.  Though I have a tonne of project posts I am working on, this will be my first non-photo publish since we got married on the 16th August.  Okay, so ideally I’d have been soaking up the sun on a tropical island and not getting work done, but such is life.  I don’t need to tell that to any parent bloggers reading who […]

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Silent Sunday 24th August 2014 #silentsunday #mysundayphoto

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Silent Sunday 17th August 2014 #silentsunday #mysundayphoto



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Book Reviews: Moranthology, How To Be A Woman and How To Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran


Caitlin Moran is a feminist icon I can relate to.  With newsworthy stunts such as the ‘feminist smile’ where she was met by a standing ovation after contorting her mummy-spongy-tummy into a wide grin for the applauding audience, showing us that stretch marks and saggy tums are not only okay, but normal, it is easy to see why.      Self confessed and unashamedly raised on benefits and in council housing, Moran details how she has worked her way up from abject poverty in the concrete jungle of Wolverhampton to being one of the most relatable female role models of […]

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THE Wedding: The Dress The Hair The Shoes – How to build a Disabled Bride


 The Dress   Has been especially made for me – not only for my size and shape, but taking into account that I will be sat down for a good portion of the day.  Choosing a tea length dress has meant I haven’t had to take into account trains snagging on wheels etc.  It will of course look miles better on me than it does in the stunning model above.       The Hat   Every bride needs to think carefully about what she’s doing with her hair.  Clips, fascinators or tumbling curls are all for the taking.  For […]

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Second chances: Remembering What Was and Moving Forward – Marriage Second Time Around


  Todays blog post is totally stream of consciousness, as my head won’t rest on pictures of dresses and centrepieces.  I still have time.  My wonderful fiancé just asked how I am feeling, as I have been unwell, and I replied ‘maudlin and introspective’.  Other than mumbling….what? He kind of left me to it, as he knows me, and he knows I have to straighten things out on my own head before I can even begin to verbalise them.  I’m getting married in six days….SIX DAYS….and I am so happy, so so overwhelmingly pleased this is happening.  That at 32, […]

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Silent Sunday 10th August 2014 #silentsunday #mysundayphoto



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Equal Transport Rights for All: Disability Discrimination Does It Again – Ableism in Action


Consider this.  In the course of one planned trip you have multiple taxis and buses drive past you without stopping.  You have bus and train drivers shout at you, citing ‘no room’ and ‘no time’.  What’s more, this follows a six hour delay that saw others getting to their destinations hours ahead of you, while you sat on and watched.  Of course you’d be enraged, disappointed and left wondering why the transport system would have such a hard time providing a basic level or service to you, one they were obliged by law to provide.   And then you remember… The […]

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