10 ways to get a better nights sleep

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Sleep.  We all need it, we all do it, and most of us don’t get enough of it.  I suffer from insomnia on and off, and when I hit twitter at 2am I am rarely the only person on there still up, unable to sleep.  Other than counting sheep or gazing at the ceiling, what can we do to foster an environment and a mindset that is more conducive to restful sleep.  Here are my top 10. 1.  Make sure your room is dark.  If you life in an urban area with lots of light pollution, it’s worth investing in […]

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Silent Sunday 11th October 2014 #silentsunday #mysundayphoto

  A little taste of the amazing Wear is for Autism fashion show in aid of Anna Kennedy online. Full post to follow.    

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I know how much you lovely lot appreciate a giveaway, so here’s another for you, hosted by myself and a group of superstar bloggers.  I haven’t hosted a giveaway recently so I thought I would remedy that with a super duper flash giveaway! This is a flash (ah-ah!) giveaway so there are only 4 days to enter One lucky reader will receive approx £30 ($50 USD) Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift Card!! The giveaway ends at 7.59am GMT on 12th October GMT (11:59 pm EST on 12th October) 2014! Spread the word as it’s only here for 3 days – entry […]

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You know you were born in the 80’s when…


Okay, so I know there are lots of similar pieces flying round cyberspace, but I just couldn’t resist.  So many things have been popping up of late and making me oddly nostalgic that I just had to have a go for myself.  I was born in 1982, so there may be some overlap into the 90’s, and there might be some points that don’t resonate with those born later in the 80’s.  A few years mean so much when you’re young.  Still, dig in and see what you think, and if you come across any weird stuff, please forgive me. […]

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We’re up all night to get blogging: Here’s to an amazing Autumn


Well space fans, after an idyllic honeymoon with my hubby, it’s now back to real life.  Though not quite sipping virgin cocktails by the pool, it certainly had it’s merits.  After being struck by the muse at about 11pm yesterday, I started sorting things out, going through my inbox, and actually getting very genuinely excited about the coming three months. In bed at just after 3am with hubby snoring away next to me, I have been cooking up a cavalcade of fun, food, fashion, family for the new season.  I won’t give to much away, but I can promise you: […]

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Day Out at Bletchley Park: Code Cracking and Computer Fun

Bletchley Park

After a long car drive to Bletchley Park, the first vehicle we came across was actually a vintage motorcycle.  The codes that were brought to the code cracking experts Bletchley park on moterbikes like this one were delivered by women during world war two. The McAfee exhibit in the museum was all about codes and computers today.  It was quite scary to read just how much information is stored about each of us online. There were some cool interactive elements in the exhibit too.  Our nephews Greg and Cody had fun playing with the interactive touchscreens. We learnt so much […]

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Silent Sunday 7th September 2014 #silentsunday #mysundayphoto Andy Warhol


Just call me Andy Warhol If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There’s nothing behind it. – Andy Warhol 

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